Sunday, June 24, 2012


Karpal Singh said " we are ready for the election, DAP and PR are ready for a battle with BN"(FMT 21/5/2012).  This is a provocative statements , which give the 'message' that DAP had been well prepared for the 13 General Election  and will continue to defend Penang. It also gives signal to Penang BN that Penang DAP is not afraid to BN election machinery . Does its true that DAP Penang is not afraid to  BN young leader that lead the BN machinery right now ?

But, when we go futher to Guan Eng statement " next general election would be tougher than the previous, he called party member not to underestimates their opponent,reminding them that BN was capable of comming up with magical trick to regain Penang"(FMT 21/5/2012), from this statement Guan Eng is still not confident with DAP election machinery especially with the words “underestimates” BN and he is very confident that  BN is still strong when he said  "capable of comming up". It shows that Guan Eng still afraid to BN especially when that is a leadership changed in BN that is led by Teng.

Though, Karpal Singh is strongly believed by saying "he called on his party comrades to work hard to hammer the final nails in the coffins of MCA,MIC and Gerakan in the next poll"( FMT 21/5/2012), meaning that Karpal believed that MCA, MIC and Gerakan is dead and forfreited. This is because the BN component cant even fight DAP in the first place. This is very brave statement compared to Guan Eng. But Karpal’s statement can be classified as extreamly provocative statement especially the words  “to hammer the final nails in the coffins”, eventhough its quite weird statement to  as Karpal has just wanted to hammer only for Penang MCA, MIC and Gerakan but not “to hammer the final nails in the coffins of UMNO”

Why Karpal did not mention UMNO? Based on the possibility theory, that is probably because Karpal knows that Penang UMNO is too strong and also have a strong election’s machinery that led by Dato’ Zainal , the young charismatic leader. Karpal knows that the last election ,UMNO manage to stop BN from be wipe out by large tsunami because UMNO had won 11 seats, but the other’s BN lost. Therefore , Karpal Singh was afraid to bury UMNO “with last nail", if its happen Guan Eng’s government will be violated in every corner and Karpal know the impact, it will weaken the Guan Eng’s government.

Therefore, the facts that Karpal is  confident as  " to hammer the final nails in the coffin of MCA,MIC and Gerakan " actually is not quite convincing statement to continue to topple BN in Penang . This is because  DAP still must deal with Penang UMNO election machinery  that now is stronger and stronger. So its true when Guan Eng said not too “underestimate” BN because BN " was capable comming up with magical tricks to regain Penang". Its means Guan Eng and Karpal Singh knew the strength of the BN, is in the hands of UMNO.

As to strengthening his views more extreme Karpal said  " make sure that they

(MCA, MIC and Gerakan) don't come out from their graves any more ". This shows the real  meaning of " to hammer the final nails to the coffin ..." which Karpal want MCA, MIC and Gerakan to die and not rise again. Although it is naughty and extreme statement, but psychologically it is a continuous DAP provocation to UMNO in the BN and at this time DAP seen that BN is not able to attract Chinese and Indian voters to vote for BN. Perhaps this is what the Guan Eng said that " at least one third of the state's 40 state constituensies are considered " hot spot". This means two-thirds seats are still in the hand of DAP and DAP very confident that they can rule the Penang  even longer.

Does Teng the BN new chairman will leave BN Penang being humiliated by Karpal Singh statements? At this point, the answer is no, because Teng “ and BN at the state level has launched  “Program Semboyan Telah Berbunyi”,  when all the BN election machinery went down to the 13 Penang parliamentary , to “attack and explain” all the issues that raised by the DAP. With the availability of this strategy and program that so ‘aggressive’ for “attack and dissolve”, cause Guan Eng and Karpal Singh statled on this situation and for that DAP has launched a strategy to attack Teng.

Does  Guang Eng, Karpal Singh and DAP strategies successful in their provocation against BN? The answer is more ambiguous. What is clear, Teng and BN adopted a strategy to continuously deal by " face to face"  in the headed for war 13th General Election and the BN was ready.As what  Karpal said " the war drum has been sounded,the DAP is ready for the war". But for this 13 th General election may be the “service will change ” in favor to BN in Penang.

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